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End of the world quiz: part 2

End of the World quiz part 2 at

It’s the end of the world – no one expected a sequel! First, we gave you the fiction version. Now, find out what science and religion have in store for us.

End of the world quiz

End of the World quiz at

How well have you prepared for the end of the world? Let’s test your knowledge of impending doomsday fiction and films … while there’s still time.

Space song quiz: challenging

Space song quiz for music fans (challenging) at Gimme Trivia

The perfect quiz for music fans who like more of a trivia challenge. Set the controls to the memory sections of your brain and find out how much you really know about music and the final frontier.

Space song quiz

Space Song quiz at Gimme Trivia

You don’t have to be a science-fiction fan to enjoy a good song about space travel, aliens and the mysteries of the universe. Turn your mind to some of the classic tunes in this Space song quiz and you’ll be impressed at how many you remember.