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Guess the Famous Person from their Quotes

Quiz: Guess the Famous Person from their quotes, at

Famous quotes: they’re the biggest thing on the internet since cat videos (we said that first, by the way). How many celebrities and historical figures can you guess from their much-quoted words?

Bonus: this quiz goes up to 11!

2013 quiz

2013 quiz at Gimme Trivia

A selection of memorable events from 2013. These questions are taken from Trivia 2013, Gimme Trivia’s 100-question quiz ebook available now at Amazon.

Movie Quotes trivia quiz: Animation

The best part about these films is watching them again when you get older and suddenly understanding all of the grown-up jokes. Movie Quotes trivia again and this time, it’s animated.

Easy Movie Quotes quiz

Easy Movie Quotes quiz at

We knew we were gonna need a bigger quiz so we created one: 20 movie quotes in a fun, easy movie quotes quiz.

Movie Quotes quiz

Movie Quotes quiz at Gimme Trivia

If you’re any kind of movie trivia fan, this is a quiz that you can’t refuse. So seize the day and be a contender in the movie quotes quiz.