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Japanese Food trivia quiz

Japanese Food trivia quiz at Gimme Trivia

We started this series gently with an easy quiz, and you know what? So many people are blitzing it that it made sense to step things up a notch or two. Here is the Japanese food trivia quiz version 2.0.

Japanese food quiz: Easy

Easy Japanese Food quiz at

It’s not all raw fish and seaweed on the menu. We’re serving up a super simple Japanese food quiz that’s easy on your brain as well as your tastebuds.

Indian food quiz: Easy

Indian Food quiz (easy) at Gimme Trivia

This Indian food quiz is easier than scooping up your vindaloo with your chapati … if you know what we’re talking about, then you’ll get through it faster than placing an order at your local takeaway.

Indian food quiz

Indian Food Quiz at

Think you love a good curry? Take the Indian food quiz and see how well you can navigate your way through the most common terms on an Indian menu.