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Japanese food quiz: Easy

Easy Japanese Food quiz at

It’s not all raw fish and seaweed on the menu. We’re serving up a super simple Japanese food quiz that’s easy on your brain as well as your tastebuds.

A Very British Royal quiz

A Very British Royal quiz:

The sun may have set on the British Empire but around the world people still can’t get enough of Britain’s Royal Family. If regency-watching is your pastime, and you think you know your Georges from your Williams, this British Royal quiz is for you.

20 from the 20th century

20 from the 20th Century quiz at

It’s time to step things up, with a bumper 20 question trivia quiz all about the 20th century. So get ready for a wild ride through recent history!

Tour de France quiz

Tour de France quiz at

Only the best of the best compete in the Tour de France cycling race. Show that you are the best of the best among fans by taking the Tour de France quiz.

Where in the World am I?—Easy

Where in the World am I? Easy trivia quiz at

This is the next best thing to a round-world ticket. Take a global mystery tour and see how many of our secret destinations you can work out before the blindfold comes off. No passport required to play Where in the World am I.

Random Trivia Mix-up 2

Random Trivia Mix-up 2 at Gimme Trivia

A little bit of sports trivia and a little bit of movie trivia, as well as word fun, popular fiction, famous people and more. The second trivia mix-up delivers it all.

Not Yet Famous quiz

Not Yet Famous quiz at Gimme Trivia

Can you guess these famous folks from the details of their lives before they became household names? Play the Not Yet Famous quiz.

Movie Quotes quiz

Movie Quotes quiz at Gimme Trivia

If you’re any kind of movie trivia fan, this is a quiz that you can’t refuse. So seize the day and be a contender in the movie quotes quiz.

A Year of Sports: the quiz

A Year of Sports: the quiz at Gimme Trivia

The world’s biggest annual sporting clashes, all in one gripping year of sports trivia contest. Time for you to put your knowledge of the sports year on display!