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The Great Moustache quiz

The Great Moustache quiz at

“I was born with my moustache and no, I’ve never been tempted to shave it off” said scientist Robert Winston.
This is what separates the men from the boys. Take the Great Moustache quiz for a trivia experience that’s truly ‘tache-tastic!

Movie Quotes trivia quiz: Animation

The best part about these films is watching them again when you get older and suddenly understanding all of the grown-up jokes. Movie Quotes trivia again and this time, it’s animated.

Spooky trivia quiz: easy

Spooky trivia quiz (easy) at

It’s a dark night during full moon. Your car breaks down on a lonely country road. Where are those footsteps coming from? And sound of heavy breathing … brace yourself for the Spooky trivia quiz series!

End of the world quiz

End of the World quiz at

How well have you prepared for the end of the world? Let’s test your knowledge of impending doomsday fiction and films … while there’s still time.

Japanese Food trivia quiz

Japanese Food trivia quiz at Gimme Trivia

We started this series gently with an easy quiz, and you know what? So many people are blitzing it that it made sense to step things up a notch or two. Here is the Japanese food trivia quiz version 2.0.

Easy Movie Quotes quiz

Easy Movie Quotes quiz at

We knew we were gonna need a bigger quiz so we created one: 20 movie quotes in a fun, easy movie quotes quiz.